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Legacy Latex

  • $895.00

 MADE IN AMERICA. PHOENIX AZ. ACTUALLY. Talalay Latex provides superior back support and outstanding pressure relief by gently conforming to every contour of the body. Relieving pressure reduces the tossing and turning that interrupts sleep and brings needed oxygen and nutrients to tired, aching muscles. Only latex naturally provides a deeper, more regenerative night's sleep your body needs. Why Talalay latex? Talalay is the process. It is a highly controlled sophisticated latex manufacturing process that produces the highest quality, most consistent latex available in the world. Latex sleeps cooler, lasts longer and is the "gold" in our industry. 

Latex is inherently anti-microbial and dust mite resistant, making it perfect for pulmonary allergy suffers.

Derived from the Hevea Brasilliensis, or the rubber tree, latex is the most naturally durable cushioning material available. In the long run, only latex will provide the perfect balance of comfort and support for years to come.

We use only 100% natural Talalay latex in our all-foam, no-flip mattresses. The quilt on this mattress is a 100% Organic cotton quilted to super soft foam for a truly luxurious feel, Each 10" mattress comes with  8 inches of Talalay latex. THE BEST MATTRESS. 

Foundation cost with mattress:

  • Twin: $70.00
  • Full :$75.00
  • Queen: $80.00
  • King: $135.00

10 year complete warranty. No prorating.

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